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This is me. (Source: own)

About me

  • I love traveling, nature, and language (s), deep conversations, & connections.
  • I can’t live without great coffee, good reads, moving my body, humor, or enough sleep.
  • I am duality –I’ve been in the deepest depths working my way towards bliss.

I believe we can heal our world by healing each other, one by one. This requires inner work and that each one of us takes on the responsibility for who we truly are.

About my writing

  • I also write children’s…

She is my ally, not my enemy.

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Giving myself space is an important step towards healing (source: own).

I was set the task of writing a love letter to my body as part of my weekly spiritual class.

Given the chronic pain I’ve been in most of my life, this task was daunting. In fact, I had just experienced a throw-back and my body was in shut down, despite my diet and lifestyle changes, and the healing work I’d been doing.

I felt stuck in a dead-end.

Anger surged through me whenever I thought about my body. I wanted to scream at it for putting me through this pain over and over again. …

Are you a publisher? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Book cover for the children’s novel Master Mouse (credit: Aurora Paulina Kay).

about 14,500 words, fully edited

12 chapters

10 gorgeous water-color illustrations

suitable for children + 7 yrs and anyone young at heart ♥

Chapter 1: An impossible Team

“Phew, we made it!” Master Mouse sighed with relief. They had reached a plateau nestled in the mountains which separated the Land of the Rivers and the Land of the Woods. Master Mouse took a deep breath and looked at his companions.

Gemma the Giraffe gazed towards the horizon.

Robert Pig snuffled around in search of food.

No surprises there. Master Mouse frowned. A teammate was missing. He was sure of it. He counted, “One. Two. Three.”…

Each marks milestones of wisdom

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Reading helped me grow taller (source: own).

Books carried me through the challenging years of my healing journey. I couldn’t have done it without them. They showed up at exactly the right time and I’m eternally grateful for the wisdom and guidance received.

The following books stand out for me. It’s by far not a comprehensive list, but the wisdom contained marks milestones.

Maybe one of these speaks to you as well.

Mental Health

By Karla McLaren

Empath Karla McLaren gives details on every emotion and how they serve as conveyors of messages. Her focus lies on…

What I found out when I almost ruined our family holiday.

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Depot Beach National Park, Australia (source: own).

Days before going on a dream three-week long camping road trip, I injured my knee in a taekwondo jump kick.

The kick was epic.

The landing wasn’t.

I collapsed on the floor screaming. The pain gradually released, but I knew I had done major damage. In that moment, I did not know what felt worse: the outlook of tediously traveling through the medical system moving towards rehabilitation or the sensation of spoiling the family trip we had been looking forward to. …

And is it worse for me because I’m German?

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Trauma flows through generations. (Source: own)

I am German.

I was born and raised in Germany. I have a German passport. I was raised with German traditions, culture, and stories.

I never gave it much thought.

I never considered the role Germans hold on the world stage.

The fear they invoke.

The blame cast.

The history they carry.

I remember when I heard of the holocaust for the first time. I was in primary school. The teacher spoke about the atrocities.

I felt sick in my stomach.

I did not believe it.

I did not want to believe it.

Surely, no one could be as cruel…

And how I returned to myself

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Running away from myself didn’t help. (Source: own)

I’ve been in pain as long as I remember.

Every day.

Shoulder-ache. Headache. Neck-ache.

Pain in my legs. Wrists. Arms. My belly or my back.

If one spot is fine, the pain appears in another one, moving through me without a conceivable pattern, up or down, left or right. The pain is not always sharp. Most of the time it’s a dull, nagging type of pain. It sits in the background. Occasionally, it surges and claims its spot at the front of my consciousness. Those days are tough because the pain numbs out everything else.

When I have a day…

Ask, Act, Align.

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Often, the path forward cannot be seen (source: own).

Who am I? What is my purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I have.

While navigating the jungle of self-improvement, soul-searching, and inner-growth wisdom, three common threads appeared:

1. Understanding the larger picture of your purpose

2. Navigating the path from ‘now’ towards your purpose

3. Discerning how to make the right choices to get you there

I translated these themes into three questions I ask myself daily.

Once you learn how to work with them, you’ll have everything you need to move forward in life.

1. What is your heart’s (soul’s) truest desire?

This powerful question allows you to skip around the ego traps which…

And why skipping ahead is not possible.

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Following the path of my life step by step (source: own).

This lesson involved a LOT of jetlag.

Step by step.

I keep getting this message whenever I reflect on my life path.

Move forward step by step.

Imagine climbing a tall mountain. The staircase winds through ditches and valleys, up steep inclines, around rocks, underneath trees, passing fresh springs with lush bushes, and then again across barren stone.

This is the path of my life and if I want to reach the top, I need to set one foot after the other, following the track with every twist and turn.

Skipping a step is not possible. Leaving out a step is not possible. Resisting a step is…


The only way forward for us is when every human being is willing to heal. This can be challenging. I am sharing my own experiences with the hope to help — you!

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